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 1200 points @ MGU, Springfield MO 6/16/12

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1200 points @ MGU, Springfield MO 6/16/12 Empty
PostSubject: 1200 points @ MGU, Springfield MO 6/16/12   1200 points @ MGU, Springfield MO 6/16/12 EmptySat May 19, 2012 11:40 pm

Taken directly from the Metagames Website. Visit their website or call to sign up! Space is limited!

- June 16th, 2012
- 1200 pts.
Army comp rules:
- No Lord Choices
- No Horde formation rules
- Unit size maximums - 25 max on regular troops (including core, special and rare choices), 9 max for monstrous infantry, 10 max for cavalry, and 6 max for monstrous cavalry.
- Normal percentage restrictions, but you must have 3 core units
- If you take a BSB with NO magic or special banners, then you may count it under your core points
Game play changes:
-Cavalry can disrupt with one rank.
-Disrupted units are never steadfast.
-Played on a 4' X 4' table.

- Games and final results will be determined by the MGU Scoring System
- 9:00 AM: registration
- 9:45 AM: registration ends
- 10:00 AM: Round 1 starts
- 11:00 AM; Round 1 end
- 11:15 PM: Round 2 starts
- 12:15 PM: Round 2 ends / Lunch break starts
- 1:00 PM: Round 3 starts
- 2:00 PM: Round 3 end
- 2:15 PM: Round 4 starts
- 3:15 PM: Round 4 ends
- 3:30 PM: Round 5 starts or Awards
- 4:30 PM: Round 5 ends
- 4:45 PM: Awards (if needed)

- Free entry
- 1 hour rounds
- Prizes: 1st Place: $70 store credit, 2nd Place: $40 store credit, 3rd Place: $20 store credit, Best Painted Army: $20 store credit
- 2012 TOC slots to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners

Best Painting Contest– Completely Painted Army* - The best painted award for this event will go to the person with the best painted Battle Standard Bearer. The model must be for the army being played, but does not have to be in the army list. Painting and conversions will be judged by the staff and the winning model may not be used in future painting contest.
* The model must be completely painted, and their bases must be finished with sand and/or flock, or other wise modeled. Whether a model is completed or not is the decision of the event organizer. As a general rule, if someone feels the need to justify why a model is completed, then it probably isn’t.
(This is taken from the Privateer Press Hardcore rules. Please note that this is a bonus for completion not quality.)
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1200 points @ MGU, Springfield MO 6/16/12
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