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 How Flyers Are Changing the Landscape of 40k

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PostSubject: How Flyers Are Changing the Landscape of 40k   Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:07 am

How Flyers are changing the landscape of 40k

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PostSubject: Re: How Flyers Are Changing the Landscape of 40k   Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:30 pm

The Meta is changing, it always does as new codices are released, or in the near future a new Edition. IG shattered the Meta with a Tank line, Wolves followed suite with an almost indestructible unit of cavalry. Dark Eldar showed you the meaning of Speed, and Grey Knights (Draigo) have become the elitist kill point denial list. In no way are you wrong... the Meta is constantly evolving! This is no different. I foresee the new builds being sit and shoot (IG, Devastators) or limited mobility platform (War walker, Dreadnought rifleman), or the complete opposite, crash a flank and sweep across (Blood angels/Dark Eldar). The new units are creating a much wider array to accomplish this is all.

I'm curious though, which power codex got more powerful? The Space Marine codex was seriously outgunned the instant IG hit the shelf. Then those players (I among them) conveniently found a better alternative in the Space Wolves or Blood Angels book. Some of the die-hards never left the Black Templars...
The Ork codex is just about as old as the Tau and Eldar. The Ork book has Speed and a competitive edge anyway. The Biker list is extremely durable, and the open top Trukk/Waaaagh! combo give the Orks something like a 26" Charge range. Lets not forget the Deff Koptas TurboScout then powerklaw assault moves... The new kit is just an alternative.
The Necron Flyer was already in the Codex. Although the significant difference between this unit and the other "Flyers" is the fact the Night Scythe is a "Dedicated Transport". It's not a fast attack choice, your only limited to the points your playing and the units you choose to field. It also has one of the meanest weapons, a Twin linked Tesla Destructor. If your refering to the other Necron flyer, the Doom Scythe... well... yeah... I draw a line from here to here... all the stuff under that line is toast! If 6th Ed rumors pay off, this could be one of the deadliest sniper weapons in the game.

The latest rumor mongering is a second wave of flyers will become available in August... and your Tau and Eldar are on the list.

Check out the article Here!
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How Flyers Are Changing the Landscape of 40k
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