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 Foot Marine 1502

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PostSubject: Foot Marine 1502   Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:38 pm

This is a list that I worked up based on the models I currently have painted. My goal is to have a semi competative list that uses nothing but marines. I will expand on the overall strategy after the list.

Quickening, Gate of Infinity, Epistolary

Power Sword, Storm Bolter

Command Squad
1 Power Weapon
1 Power Fist
1 Company Champion
1 Apothecary
1 Marine with Bolt pistol and Chain Sword

Sergeant with Power Weapon
1 Combi Melta
1 Melta
7 with bolters

Tactical Squad
1 Missile Launcher
1 Melta Gun
8 marines with bolters (Including the Sergeant)

Tactical Squad
1 Missile Launcher
1 Flamer
8 Marines with bolters (Including the Sergeant)

Fast Attack
Assault Squad
Sergeant with Power Weapon
7 Assault marines with bolt pistol and chainsword

Heavy Support
Devestator Squad
3 Heavy Bolters
2 with bolters (Including the Sergeant)

Devestator Squad
1 Lascannon
1 Missile Launcher
3 with bolters (Including the Sergeant

Basic strategy is to have the Sternguard hold the center, or other important part of the map. My thinking is that since they have a base of 2 attacks they will stand up in close combat better while being able to shoot up to 30 inches with their bolters. Support them with the tactical squads on the flanks with the devestator squads placed into fire lanes where terrain allows.

I will group the Librarian with the Captain and the Command squad, He will use his Gate of Infinity to shunt the squad quickly around the board to counter attack charging units, or to charge units that are about to hit my line. Upgraded him so that he can use the quickening and have I of 10 for his charging attacks.

The Assault Squad will fill a similar role as the command squad. The reason for the odd number in that squad is because I was originally a Black Templar player and in the first Black Templar codex (Armegeddon) you could take a power weapon and power fist in your assault squads. So I modeled to take advantage of that and now I can't use on of my jump pack equipped marines.

I am trying to keep this a basic list because I don't know how much 6th will change my choices yet. Also I figure at least I will be putting 50 plus marines on the table in a 1500 point game.

Any and all C&C welcome. Remember my only limitation is using the models I have, I plan on getting a couple units in the future but I can't afford to do a wholesale new army. Thanks in advance.
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PostSubject: Re: Foot Marine 1502   Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:45 pm

I realize you posted this a few months ago, and mentioned the inclusion of a few more units... But I'm curious on how you have modified your list for 6th Edition.

For the C&C of the list you had posted:

HQ:I think 2 (3 if you count the Honor guard) HQ's is excessive. Its extra points you probably don't need at this point cost. At a higher point cost, sure. Personally, I prefer the Master of the Forge, with a Conversion Beamer and a Space Marine Bike. He has a high power weapon and can Bolster Defenses (which isn't limited in the Vanilla FAQ yet). He can also repair hull points if you decide some Rhinos or a Land Raider is in your future.

Sternguard Vets are great multipurpose units. They will bring the attention of a lot of stuff. I'd consider adding combi flamers (3-5) to the unit. That ups the cost a little, but with the new Overwatch, you can halt a gaunt/ork/guard blob assault with d3 hit per flamer that will ignore armor (well most armors). Once that charge is denied, that unit should just go away. For other stuff, vengeance and Hellfire rounds will cut everything else down. Their biggest weakness will be mech and flyers/FMC.

Fast: Jump pack guys are ok. (this coming from a Blood Angel player). They don't really give you enough punch to be a threat, they are mobile but can't grab an objective. All you are looking for is the denial? If you have points, you could upgrade their rank to Vanguards. Thats at least an extra attack and the choice of heroic intervention. With the extra charge range, a slight drift is acceptable. But for those points, your better off with a StormTalon or 2. They can cover your weakness against flyers pretty well.

Heavy: Heavy bolters... never got much use out of them. I realize were still on the "what you have painted" topic, but that's up to you.
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PostSubject: Re: Foot Marine 1502   Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:56 pm

Thanks for the tips!

I have greatly modified it over the last several months. I gave Pedro Kantor a shot, to make my sternguard scoring but he never seemed to earn back his points. Not to mention the fact that after 6 games he had not once hit anything with his orbital bombardment.

This is roughly what I run now, not exactly since I don't have my list with me.


Darnath Lysander


Command Squad with Rhino
Company Champion, Power Sword, Apothecary, 2 Flamers

2 Tactical squads one with plasma gun and one with melta. Both Sergeants have Power weapons and teleport homers

2 Devestator squad. One with 3 Missile launchers and 1 Lascannon, one with four heavy bolters

1 Predator with autocannon and lascannon side sponsons

Assualt squad with power weapon sergeant

2 scout squads with snipers and missile launchers. One with Telion.

I have taken many sound beatings with my previous list, and with the many alterations to it. I find that my marines die quite easily to many different armys. I have managed one victory since the begining of sixth. That was against a very similar army to the one that I was running.

I do like my heavy bolters, they have stopped many large units and even acted as decent anti air fire with their massed shots. Thanks again for the input, I appreciate your time.
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PostSubject: Re: Foot Marine 1502   

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Foot Marine 1502
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