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 First Run of the Rout

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First Run of the Rout Empty
PostSubject: First Run of the Rout   First Run of the Rout EmptyFri Aug 03, 2012 12:21 am

I played my first game with the Wolves in 6th Ed tonight. 1850 Wolves vs Necrons.
Tooled up Wolf Lord, Rune Priest, 3 Full squads of Hunters with all the trimmings, 2 Full Fangs squads loaded with vehicle killers. A Scout Squad, a few Wolf Guard, and a Land Raider Crusader. There were some low points. The Ordinance Weapons on Monoliths deviated once in 8 shots, and cleared a bunch of Grey Hunters. I failed THE CRITICAL charge by an inch with 10 Hunters, Wolf Lord, Rune Priest, and a Wolf Guard with twin Wolf Claws, resulting in an Ord Template smacking them down hard.
However, there were high points. The Wolf Lord survived that blast and slaughtered a squad of Necron Warriors in the following turn. And it was fun. It was also the bloodiest nose I have given the Necrons in the past 2 editions of the game, immobilising BOTH Monoliths, and taking down 3 Squads and a Character.

Back to the Hunt.
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First Run of the Rout
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