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PostSubject: TOMAHAWC FAQ AND CLARIFICATIONS   Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:05 am

Warhammer 40k 6thED
TOMAHAWC’s Tournament Standards:

Being a Guest: As we at TOMAHAWC do not own or provide any of the terrain, tables or space that we organize play in, we ask you treat of the above with the respect and care that is deserved. We will not tolerate willful destruction of another’s property (be it the venues, or another players). We should not need to say this, but… ~nuff said.

Soft scores: There are no Soft Scores. If you can build it legally, go for it! There will be no Army composition judging or scoring. There are no Sportsmanship scores, but don’t be a d-bag. Painting will be judged separately from the tournament play. The painting judges’ rulings are final. See the Painting Guidelines below.

Warlord traits: “Yes! What I always wanted!” or “Really? These are terrible!” Whatever your stance on them is, you are allowed your random roll for it. All Players who wish to use them in their army lists will need to provide a line item under the HQ: Warlord entry to pencil in the trait before deployment.

Flyers: Whatever your take on Flyers is, they are a part of the game.


The Fortification section in the rulebook is for purposes of adding it to your force per the FOC in the rulebook. No different than a Heavy Support or Elite choice.

As tournaments will have set terrain, placing of Fortifications may be difficult. We at TOMAHAWC do not feel you should be denied the use of fortifications based on this fact. Any army list containing a Fortification may place that fortification per the 40k rulebook. Up to one piece of terrain that would be under the foot print of the fortification may be removed from the table to allow its placement. Fortifications will be placed first by the first player, than by the second player, should players have fortifications. If a Fortification piece cannot be placed fully on the table, it cannot exist in that location. Prior to any models being placed on the table.

Aegis Defense line: The Aegis Defense line grants a 4+ cover save. The defense line may be placed in any position so long as any piece is in base with a second piece. A fully enclosed Aegis line will not prevent infiltrators or scout moves from occupying such enclosures.

Skyshield Landing Pad: The Skyshield Landing Pad is not a building. Units maybe be placed on top or below this peace of unique terrain. Barrage weapons will hit all units under the template on both levels. the Skyshield landing pad conveys a 5+ cover save.

If a Fortification piece cannot be placed fully on the table, it cannot exist in that location.

Q: How can you tell the difference between a Emplaced Weapons and Gun Emplacements?

A: these terms are interchanged frequently in the new rulebook. for all situations refer to the "terrain type" on the fortification entry. Imperial bastions and the

fortress of redemption will fallow the rules under the buildings section of the rulebook, and the aegis defense line will fallow the rules under battlefield debris.

Jump Infantry:

Q: if you use your jump pack in the assault phase, do you strike at initiative, or are you reduced to 1.

A: A jump unit that assaults a unit in area terrain while using their jump pack would suffer from dangerous terrain rolls and overwatch, but would strike at initiative. Although the model is placed on the area terrain it is said to be moving freely over it. To be clear, the unit would not roll 3d6 take the lowest nor would it be reduced to initiative one.

Flying Monstrous Creatures:

Q: What happens to a flying monstrous creature when if fails a grounding check?

A: Flying Monstrous Creatures in Swoop mode that take and fail a Grounding Check are immediately considered Grounded. A Grounded Flying Monstrous Creature is by all intents and purposes is treated as though in Glide mode.


Q: Can Hive Guard allocate wounds to models they can't draw line of sight to?


Q: Can Tyranids use weapons emplacements such as the quad gun on the aegis wall?

A: bugs shooting big guns is still a bit gray, but the FAQ is very clear. Bugs can't manual fire emplaced weapons, but gun emplacements "battlefield debris" fallows different rules. They can fire these

Space wolfs:

Q: Can runic weapons work when the rune priest inside a transport?

A: Runic Weapons act just as they did. The FAQ and rulebook both left out any change to them. I can only see them working the someway as they did in 5th.


Q: Can a Doom scythes’ death ray be used to hit flyers?

A: No

Q: Does lightning from Imotekh’s Lord of the storm target allied units?

A: No

Q: How do units work as allies if the do not take up a slot on the force organization chart. For example: chaos lesser demons (CSM) or tech priest engineers (IG)

A: So long as the required HQ and Troop choice are taken from the respected codex any unit from that codex that does not take up a slot on the force organization chart may be taken as detailed in that codex.

The rulebook is very clear on the order of operations on multiple modifiers. The only clarification necessary are multiple set values. In this case, if a model is effected by multiple set value modifiers roll 1d6 each time the values are used. On a 1-3 take the lower of the two values and 4-6 use the higher. This will be used most commonly when shooting at flyers in zoom mode. EXP: a Space marine devastator squad uses its sergeant signum in conjunction with shooting a flyer. Snap Fire gives a set modifier of “1” and the signum gives a set modifier of “5”. On a roll of 1-3 the model fires at BS 1 and 4-6 fires at BS 6.



Please keep in mind we are all people, and people make mistakes. All rulings made by the judge (good or bad) is final. This FAQ is to be used as a guide for all TOMAHAWC judges and tournament organizers. This FAQ can and will likely be added to or changed as new and unique situations present themselves in the future.

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